Oyster, now on your iPad

Today, we’re excited to introduce Oyster for iPad. As part of the update, we’re also making Oyster fully open to the public— no invitation required. New readers can now start reading with a free month.

With our new iPad app, we haven’t just scaled up the iPhone version (that would just look silly). Although the features are similar, Oyster for iPad was designed from the ground up for the places and moments that we all love reading in—more specifically, your favorite chair on a lazy Sunday afternoon (Bill Murray knows what we’re talking about).

Here are some some highlights:

A Newer (Darker) Design

Oyster for iPad has a darker display and more space between elements, complementing night-time browsing and creating a more relaxed user experience.

Immersive Imageryimage

The iPad’s bigger screen (over 560% more screen, in fact!) means we can have even larger and more immersive full-screen imagery. Oyster for iPad is a richly visual experience echoing the leisurely feeling of browsing the aisles of your favorite bookstore.

The Reader, Re-Thoughtimage

When bringing our reader to the iPad, we took special care to include new details, interactions, and cross-device syncing, ensuring the best possible reading experience across all of your devices. We’ve also translated and tweaked our five unique reader themes for the iPad. You can now read in both portrait or landscape, whichever suits your taste (or recline).

Better Book Browsing


Building an experience around unlimited books is so much more than just some genres and an extensive collection. It’s the personal connections created over sharing book with friends, the serendipitous discovery of an unlikely favorite, and the ability to sample and try new things based on taste rather than transaction.

Our team, both engineers and editors, has worked around-the-clock to create a slew of new features, including more genre personalization, recommended titles based on what you’re reading, and rotating editorial spotlights throughout the app.

With Oyster for iPad, we’ve built on our mission for a life well-read, complementing the on-the-go function of our iPhone app with a product that is a bit more restful and relaxed. And we’re still just getting started.

So slip off your shoes, find a comfortable spot to kick back and enjoy your next favorite book on Oyster. (Quite literally; the first one’s on us!)

Download Oyster for iPad today.