New Partners for Our Next Chapter

On September 5th, we launched Oyster for iPhone, delivering the first ever unlimited subscription service for books, and giving readers access to over 100,000 titles from more than 500 publishers.

Just over a month later, we released Oyster for iPad—a completely redesigned reading experience—and doubled our subscriber base almost overnight. The last week of 2013 was our biggest to date, and momentum continues to build as we dive into the new year.

It is the energy of the Oyster community, more than anything else, that inspires us to take on big challenges and bold ideas. We’ve heard from thousands of people who want to share their excitement. Here are a few:

Rick from Pennsylvania has replaced his daily Candy Crush obsession to finally read the classics on Oyster.

Jill from Florida told us that she bought her first smartphone just to use Oyster and now reads two books a week (all on her new iPhone).

Zack from New York let us know that books he read on Oyster helped him make the leap to leave his job and start his own consulting firm.

Today, just a few months after launch, Oyster is a vibrant and growing community of readers. There are now more than 800 publishers on Oyster, including many of the largest in the world, signaling that the unlimited subscription model is here to stay. At Oyster, we believe this represents a shift in how people access books, resulting in a fundamentally better experience for readers.

In order to keep up with growing reader demand, we must expand our team and service. We’re thrilled to welcome Highland Capital Partners, who join Founders Fund and others, to help us take on even bigger challenges around the future of books and the sharing of ideas.

This partnership represents a long-term investment in our mission to inspire people through books. We envision a world where access to books is seamless and universal, bringing people and ideas closer together.

Oyster was started for one reason: to build the best way to read, discover, and share books. We can’t wait to expand on this vision in the next chapter of our story.

Interested in building the future of books? Join our team.