Introducing Oyster for Android


Today, we’re excited to announce that Oyster is available on all Android devices, Kindle Fire, and Nook HD. Oyster for Android has been our number one request since we launched on iOS last year, so we couldn’t be happier to bring it to you. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Designed especially for Android


Oyster for Android is designed from the ground up, and showcases a beautiful and immersive experience that adapts to Android’s many screen sizes. We love that moving to Android has allowed us the ability to add some unique features not possible on Oyster before. You can use the volume buttons to turn the page forward or back (lefties of the world rejoice, and one handed reading for all). But that’s just the beginning.

Redesigned Reader, with new typefaces and themes


Over the past few months, we’ve learned quite a bit about our members’ reading habits: they use Oyster for roughly 45 minutes a day, most of all on Sunday, and together read millions of pages on Oyster every day (with peaks at lunch time and late evening).

Because members are spending so much time in the reader, we’ve been working hard to make it even easier on the eyes.

So, what’s new? Typography, layouts, a refreshed color palette, and small refinements throughout. Our four themes, Standard, Nomad, Herald, and Crosby have all gotten a face-lift and are joined by the brand new Wythe, which features a high contrast, news text typeface well-suited for outdoor and beach reading. (Tips for summertime reading: while a ziploc bag may work for iOS users, we recommend keeping your phone out of the pool unless you’ve got one of these guys). Finally, because we know the Oyster reader should adapt to whatever surroundings you’re in, each theme now comes in both day and night mode.

Book detail pages, with more details


Book detail pages have been redesigned to give you a better sense of a book before you start reading. You’ll notice new features like “read time,” the approximate time it will take to finish a book, and a fresh design that includes an adaptive color palette complementary to the cover imagery. We’ve also included more related titles and lists to this page so you can keep browsing until you find just the right book to read.

We’ve also added editor’s notes to hundreds of our top titles so you can get short, thoughtful reviews of the books we love (or don’t). Between 100 and 300 characters, these notes are there to help you make a choice about your next book as quickly as possible. This all comes from our growing editorial team–from Huffington Post, The New Yorker, NPR, The Paris Review, Poets & Writers, and more.

And there’s one more thing… These features are all rolling out today for iOS, too! This is just the start for Oyster for Android, so keep a look out for many, many updates in the coming weeks and months.

Start reading for free on Android today. Go!