Surf Oyster Like You Surf the Web


Introducing the Oyster Web Reader

Picture this: it’s 80°F (no humidity!) and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. You’re at the beach, lounging with your favorite book and enjoying that delicate ocean breeze, and you don’t even have any sand in your shoes. It’s paradise! Somebody get you a piña colada!

See what you just did? You took yourself somewhere far away without even leaving your desk. Now you can do that with Oyster, too. We’re happy to share with you our brand new Web Reader, making it easier than ever to access Oyster’s library (and an endless escape through a world of books) right from your computer.

Let us show you how we made reading books on the web a seamless, fluid experience that’s designed uniquely for your browser.

imageNo breaks or pages to flip, just seamless reading. With Oyster for the web, each chapter is downloaded in its entirety as a single page, allowing you to scroll through a full chapter without interruption.

In designing this experience, we wanted to move away from the way books are traditionally displayed on the web—contained in a PDF-style viewer. Instead, the Oyster for web experience is more like to reading a blog post or web article (think the New York Times). The result is a reading experience that feels fast, fluid, and native to the web. Going forward, we’re really excited to push this vision to make book reading on the web even better.

The web reader includes all five of Oyster’s own reading themes, five text sizes, and night mode. See which one you like best on the big screen. (Full disclosure: our team likes Wythe the best. What about you?) And, of course, activity is synced across devices. You’ll always pick up right where you left off, no matter what you’re reading on.


We’ve also brought your Reading List, recent books, and search to the web. Easily access all the books you’ve been reading or those you’ve meant to start once you sign in at Don’t have a reading list? You can now search the entire Oyster library on our website and take your pick from hundreds of thousands of titles.

This launch marks another big milestone for our team and our mission to build the best way to read books, everywhere. Now that you can read on the web, Oyster is available on just about anything with an internet connection and a web browser, from iOS to Android and beyond. So go ahead—search the site, add to your Reading List, and dive into a good book no matter where you are.